036 – Devotional Erotic Dance With Holly Wodetzki


In this episode we dive into how Holly learned about dance to bring awareness to her body. In her early days, she had a partner who suggested that she try dancing instead of her vigorous yoga practise. She committed herself to dancing just one hour a day for one year. This practise opened up feelings and sensations in her body that she never experienced before. This allowed her to feel the deeper treasures in her body.

She believes that embodiment is not something that is special, it is our normal way of being but trauma and life can take us away from our bodies wisdom.

Holly runs us through her body’s narratives, and how she was encouraged to go to University and follow her intellectual pursuits. When it comes to parenting her child, she has given thought to simple ways to helping her to feeling into her feelings instead of distracting herself from them. She believes if we don’t numb and distract ourselves from things it can keep our energy moving. She hopes to impart the following philosophy onto her: ” What your body can feel, and what it can do is so much more significant than what it looks like.” And to cherish that – our beautiful vessel, called our body.

She speaks about how we as grown women can work with our emotions in a bigger way. Realising that everything is energy including our emotions. From here you can see that emotions can play out a different energy in the body. Thus, looking at it that way there are no good or bad energies. It is an orientation toward experiencing the richness of life, rather than being attached to the idea that we must be happy all of the time.

On a practical level, it is the practise of sensitising to feel your body by creating a landscape in which everything can flow through. She gives the example of when she performed belly dancing, she used to have an intense feeling in her belly of nerves, and instead of feeling away from them she breathed into them without labelling them, then she could let let them flow. As a result, whenever she went on stage with that feeling it was so much more impactful for the audience. It is one’s ability to perceive your body as an energetic landscape rather than labelling our emotions negatively.

When we work with emotions that we want to numb or deny Holly recommends that it is okay to feel those. That everything is okay to feel. You can either give yourself that permission or work with someone who can. She suggests going gently, softly, and with curiosity. She walks us through a method to close our eyes and to go inward to connect with the energy that is within us and what it is telling us. We can then explore where it is and how we can get it moving. This opens us up to be available and free to move forward with our life. She suggests that we use her same means for both pleasure and pain.

When it comes to dancing, she suggests that it is our innate ability to move with what we are feeling. She suggests that dance is just in-sync movement with our feelings – moment to moment.

To get us started she gives us the idea to move to one song a day, to one part of our body part each day.

She also suggests doing a body scan and runs us through how to do this.

Holly then explores the link between how we feel in our body and how we perform in our life, and even our business. She talks about the importance of starting our day with the wisdom of feeling into our body. This means we can be more present throughout our day. Our body is always here and now – this is a tool to help us connect deeply to the present moment as they are and not as we think they are.



Embrace all emotions 

– Instead of viewing emotions as good or bad, you can simply view them as energy. 

Move your body for healing & connecting to your body

– Your body is like a compass and it is always telling you what it likes / does not like.

– Perform a body scan to get in touch with our body.

How the connection with our body shapes our world 

– Your beautiful body is intimately connected to the present (and you can come to that at any time).

– When you are in the present moment you are free to move in an informed manner throughout your day. 



Her favourite sex toy is: She is not super into sex toys. She has a Lelo Ella Wand and also says dance.

She is listening to: White noise to put her little bub to sleep, lately she has been loving Bishop Briggs. Plus her Playlists which you can find here, here and here

She is reading: She just finished the Fever Series by Karen Marie Moning, Michael Boehm’s The Wild Woman’s Way and The Radiance Sutras, and Peter Lavagines book Awakening the Tiger.


Founder of Shiva Shakti Dance, Holly is passionate about creating embodiment practices and transformational spaces for women to open their hearts and hips, to live their full potential by connecting deeply with their creative sexual energy and capacity for deep presence.  

A gifted teacher with over 10 years study and practice in traditional and modern tantra, meditation, and a diverse range of dance traditions from bellydance to sufi whirling, Indian temple dance to trance dances and many, many in between.  

She has worked with hundreds of women to over the facilitate profound transformation and help them remember just how incredible they are and what blissfulness and power they’re capable of feeling in their body. 

Whilst she’s recently given birth to little girl and is currently taking time out to navigate the challenges and blessings of motherhood, Shiva Shakti Dance courses and workshops are still being offered by a small team of devoted facilitators all around Australia.  

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036 – Devotional Erotic Dance With Holly Wodetzki

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