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032 – Fuck your way to success with Juliet Allen



In this episode we discuss:

Juliet Allen, a sexologist and sexuality coach, has made a straightforward fresh approach to sex and lifestyle

She is often seen as having a strong personality, but in this episode, she confesses that she also enjoys having some solitude, and being a dynamic and independent person. In this episode, she is talking about how she got into business as a Sexologist, Tantra Practioner and Coach. Since young age, she has always been curious to learn about sexuality. She was always intrigued to flick through books about

Since a young age, she has always been curious to learn about sexuality. Her curiosity and openness for exploration led her into psychology. She was then wishing to study more about something she loves, which is sex; and after finding out that she could, she decided to complete a post-grad in sexology.

Her passion in the field of sexuality, sex and relationships is also influenced by her supportive parents. Even though her parents were not as open as she is, they have always been comfortable with sex talk. Those sexual narratives led her into her career as a successful sexologist. Juliet is living a well-balanced life between her work and personal life. She is at the stage of setting up different days for different purposes, for example – quality time with her daughter, self-care, and working with clients.

Considering how taboo sex is sometimes made out to be, Juliet has found ways to build her incredible business through online podcast, social media and private teaching. Her success in the business is due to many factors. One of them is because there are not many people who work in this industry. Many sexologists have been in the area for a long time, but they can’t connect on social media smartly. Juliet’s approach has made her more relatable with younger and a broader audience. She also once worked with an ex-partner, who works as a business coach, which then made her believe in the importance of creating a good brand for herself.


Sex Magic

She believes that many people have the ability to use the power of sexual energy within the bodies to manifest things to happen in life. It can start by having the intention of thinking about desired matter that one desires during love-making, and then visualizing it with the emotion behind it.

This powerful energy may bring up a positive and creative energy to help people get what they want. However, there are also some factors that may block or limit sex magic. The most common cause is overthinking about it.


Key Points:

1. Juliet Allen’s image and background
What led her into doing what she does.
Sexual narratives that shape her life and into her passion of sexuality, and coaching.

2. A balance between her life and work
Distributing parts of her time in different aspects.
Focusing more on personal growth.

3. Sex magic
What it is about.
How it can be used in making advances in life.

4. Success in her business
Great branding.
Relatable situation and a fresh approach to sex in the digital age.



Pleasure Rising Questions:

Her favourite sex toy is: Crystal pleasure wands, especially the Juliet pleasure wand which she also sells on her website. She enjoys using crystal wands because they’re natural. At the moment, she likes using the one which is made from black obsidian, but she still enjoys using rose quartz pleasure wands as well. Her preference in the material is usually changing overtime, as it depends on what mood she’s in

She is listening to: meditation playlists when she is in the shower. In terms of music genre, she doesn’t really have one favourite musician, however she recommends an indigenous group called “WAAK WAAK DJUNGI”

She is reading: The Teachings of Don Juan by Carlos Castaneda, The Queen’s Code by Alison Armstrong, and also a book about a real life story of a woman who turns to sex work.


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032 – Fuck your way to success with Juliet Allen

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