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031 – How to invoke your femininity & remain grounded with Vienda Maria 


In this episode we discuss:

At the start of this podcast, Vienda Maria is sharing about her shift in her perspective towards life.


Raised by two grandmothers who had an old fashioned and traditional way of life, she was educated with little education about sex and sexuality. It was not until she was in her 20s when she began her exploration. She went through several stages when she started to change her views in life and sexuality. At first, she was discovering her sexual powers, understanding her power of attraction and how easy it was to get people to be sexually interested in her. She then took that sexual power to the next level, helping men to fall in love with her. She eventually realized that it was a wrong and cruel way to treat people.


After she went through few relationships, she now believes that sexuality is incredibly sacred and personal. According to her, sexuality can deeply affect the intimate connection between our inner selves, and how every sexual relationship can influence our beings, as it can let us absorb other peoples energy. She believes that women have the innate power to transform their lives through love and sexuality. She began to have deeper exploration about this aspect in her 30s, which led to a search on finding out what she likes and needs to be, with playfulness in pleasure.


This year, fulfilling her goals in the field of business, she is sharing a course about affluence. In her wisdom, women need to understand that affluence is not about how well their finances are, but also about how abundant they feel as well. She shares that her success in work is based on her strong determination in creating an environment that fits into her values and beliefs, since she feels that the society standard of living does not suit her well.

Vienda’s other plans in 2019 are also to expand on what she has worked to build in the past 5 years, including her career in psychology and spiritual guidance for women to have inner wisdom.


Her courses about a balanced masculine or feminine approach towards life are greatly affecting people’s lives. For example, her guidance support includes clearing blocks that inhibit a women’s progress their lives; by recognition, reflection, reviewing where the blocks came from, and releasing or replacing them with motivation to rewrite the life stories according to what we want. She aims to share her means in tuning in energy to have self-acceptance about our own essences, and to create space to allow ourselves to be with who we really are. She believes in life harmony over life balance, which lets us to express our truest nature to look at our mental aspects. By creating healthy boundaries with ourselves, Vienda believes that it may hone our innate guidance to take us forward in our lives.


Key Points:


1. Early life narratives that shaped her life when she was younger.
Traditional perspective towards life and sexuality.
Exploration of sex and sexuality through stages.

2. Transformation in life perspectives.
Self exploration with inner wisdom and sexuality.
Discovering an intimate connection.

3. 2019 life goals in financial.
Her course ‘Affluent’.

4. Giving more spiritual and psychological guidance to women.
Course about femininity, embodying more feminine energy.
Innate guidance to go with the rhythm of our own bodies and feelings.


Pleasure Rising Questions:

Her favourite sex toy is: Rose Quartz Straight Wand

She is listening to: her own curated playlist about affluence, which is full of prosperity mantras and songs.

She is reading: in between books, just finished reading The Loft Girl, psychological thriller novel about two women who live in an architectural apartment.


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031 – How to invoke your femininity & remain grounded with Vienda Maria 

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