030 – The Secret To Manifesting With Stephanie Bellinger


In this episode we discuss:

This episode is going to inform you on what it is like to step into your power and what it is like to manifest effortlessly through her proven system.

In this podcast, Stephanie Bellinger is sharing about her journey becoming a coach.


She started by telling her past experiences of how she was overweight, depressed and the abusive relationship that she experienced when she was between the ages of 14-20. When she was 17 she decided to take control of her life and started to take control of her body, she was so determined and focus on the outcome. After 6 months she managed to lose 60 pounds. At first, she wasn’t really into becoming a personal trainer but rather becoming a YouTuber.


While she was waitressing in New York, she had the intention to become a personal trainer and it turned out that a lot of personal trainer jobs coming through, one of them hired her. Within a year she realized that she didn’t want to work at the gym but rather coaching online. In her healing journey, she was always connected to the outcome, she felt it, and visualized about it.


She was always intrigued by the idea of spirituality. Since a young age, she used to go to sidekick and started meditation every morning. After she left the abusive relationship, she felt free and started to do anything she wants to from drinking, drugs etc. Once she started becoming a personal trainer, she started to clean her mess and deeply went into personal development.


That’s also when she got interested in hypnosis and EFT training. Stephanie has gone through another phase of spiritual awakening and self-acceptance. These experiences make her feel safe with her own body and able to fully express herself through dance. Stephanie also started getting into plant medicine. All of these tremendous transformations led her to finally found SpiritualBossBabes, Crystal Jewelry.


Stephanie asks this powerful question to draw us back into our imagination and the spirit of possibility.

Key Points:


1. Toxic relationship
Having a toxic relationship from the ages 14-20
Mentally, physically and sexually abused

2. Change yourself identity
If you don’t have the identity that aligns with what you want then your action wouldn’t match it
It’s important to know exactly who we are before doing something
You need to change the stuff that’s not serving you

3. Journaling everything
Keep tracking:
Her eating habits and work-outs
Her body progress

4. Plant medicine
Equivalent to 10 years of therapy
Really helped her to step on her purposes
Led her created a successful coaching business



Pleasure Rising Questions:

Her favourite sex toy is: Her own partner

She is listening to: Just Piano & Violin & Portugal The Man station

She is reading: Dollars Flow To Me Easily by Richard Dotts


Key take-aways:

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030 – The Secret To Manifesting With Stephanie Bellinger

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