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029 – Sex As A Pathway To Healing With Dr. Celeste Holbrook





Dr. Celeste Holbrook is a sexologist, speaker and boot-wearin’ Texan who has dedicated her life to helping women achieve soul-centered sex through perfectly planned mental and behavioral changes. Thousands of women have re-mastered their relationships by following the four step process of sexual renovation created by Dr. Holbrook. She writes, coaches and teaches about sex and her favorite moment is the spark that appears in a woman’s eyes the instant her sensual confidence is re-awakened.


Take off everything that feels negative. – Celeste Holbrook

In this episode we discuss:

Her personal sexual narratives.

What are the types of sexual narratives that her parents passed onto her – and how those sexual narratives have shaped her sex life in later years.

Painful intercourse:

I’ve been fortunate where I have never experienced painful intercourse, but I know many have, I’ve heard Celeste mention that over 40% of women experience it. Celeste shares her personal story of how she overcame painful intercourse with her husband.

She shares how to break the cycle (both mentally and behaviourally) of negative feedback loops that this painful intercourse can breed.

She discusses how a person can relearn how to be a sexual being especially if they have not known that before and offers actionable techniques to help listeners learn how to reconnect their brain to associate pleasure with sex.

Celeste Holbrook teaches us how to be intentional about your relationships and sex life.

Getting our partner involved in our sexual healing journey

We discussed when she first started on her path of sexual healing and how her sexual growth affected her husband and how she got him involved at each step along the way.

Celeste gives practical advice to women on how to get their partner involved in their sexual healing journey and how to communicate with them along the way.


How do we teach our children about sexual education:

Celeste walks us through how she is raising her twin girls to be sexually healthy women. I love her take on this one!


Pleasure Rising Questions:

Her favourite sex toy is The womaniser which can remotely be controlled by her partner.(I must admit, I don’t have this toy but I have been looking into it and it looks bloody good!)
She is listening to “Happy Days” on Spotify.
She is reading “Becoming Michelle Obama”.

And lastly, I threw in an added questions because I know that Celeste appreciates touch – so I asked her what her favourite sensual items for touch were. She mentions the Karma Sutra Body Oils and the Sway Massage Candles.

Key take-aways:

Celeste shared so much amazing information, here are my key take-aways:

– Her practical 4-step process to move through painful intercourse was eye-opening for me.

– Explained how she worked through her healing and from that I learned the importance of being very intentional, so not leaving things to chance – cause if nothing changes, nothing changes.

– And how we can raise sexually healthy children.


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029 – Sex As A Pathway To Healing With Dr. Celeste Holbrook

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