028 – Breast Implant Illness + Working With Goddess Energy with Radhaa Nilia

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Radhaa’s Story:

In this podcast, Radhaa is sharing about the transformative experiences that she has been through in her life. She starts by narrating her childhood and teenage years, when her mindset about women beauty standard back then was about outward appearance, particularly in having big breasts. Her childhood toy, a Barbie doll, and constant media exposure of big breasted celebrities had formed her view on how she must look like. She was led by the longing to be attractive and to fit into society. By the age of 17, she decided to get breast augmentation surgery. Evidently, this action did not give her a good influence on her life. Although her success and fame in modeling world was increasing after the procedure, her breast implants brought a series of illness on her body. She was forced to have deterioration of health, both physically and mentally for years. She eventually came upon an article of Crystal Hefner, who went through the same breast implants illness, and at that moment Radhaa decided to have her breast implants taken out.

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Working With The Goddesses:

During her healing time, Radhaa was channeling her spiritual side with her belief to goddesses.

As a woman, she thinks that every woman has inner essence and energy which goddesses can help bring out.

Her belief, especially to goddess Quan Yin, has transformed her view in life to love herself and her body as it is. She gains new perspectives about her life during her spiritual journey, and she has managed to make tremendous efforts to forgive her past. She is now practicing self-love manner, and she intends to give guidance to women in her new book about getting in touch with the spiritual goddesses, whom can help them getting inner energy to be better in seeing their own beauty and value without having to comply to society’s standard. According to Radhaa, there are many goddesses who usually fit each person uniquely.

Each goddess has a certain energy signature, which can fulfill certain needs.

When someone wants to be guided for a certain problem, she may have an inkling to certain goddess’ energy. Radhaa herself is using meditation or prayer to channel some other goddesses in addition to her adoration to goddess Quan Yin, in order to have full energy activation in her mind and spirit. Her transformative life journey has tremendously changed Radhaa to become a person who now keeps investing in her inner self and seeks for inspiring purposes in her life.

Self love | Self care | Lifestyle | Intimacy | Relationships | Inspiration | SexKey Points From This Episode:

Childhood experiences and society influences formed how Radhaa thought of her body before.

Getting beauty standard goals from how Barbie dolls look + peer pressure and media exposure to women beauty standard, especially in breast size.

The decision to get breast implants just to fit into society’s beauty standard.

The bad effects of breast augmentation procedures + getting life-threatening illness from the breast implants.

Radhaa Embraced spiritual healing after her breast implants were taken out.

Having faith in Goddesses, especially goddess Quan Yin + Radhaa made a life transforming decision to love herself as she is.

The power of Goddess energy.

Radhaa learned deeply about spiritual guidance in getting to know about the goddesses + energy activation in one’s mind and spirit and investing in one’s self.

Personal Questions Asked & Answered:

Self love | Self care | Lifestyle | Intimacy | Relationships | Inspiration | Sex

Radhaa Nilia is telling her story of how she has a transformative life journey after her painful experience with a life-threatening illness that was caused by her breast augmentation procedure.

Her favorite sex toy is Yoni wands, made from crystals or stones.

She is listening to Lana Del Rey

She is reading: none at the moment, open for books suggestions. Sarah mentions Witches, Sluts and Feminists.

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Radhaa Nilia is telling her story of how she has a transformative life journey after her painful experience with a life-threatening illness that was caused by her breast augmentation procedure. Having a false perspective about woman’s beauty standard, Radhaa was led into believing solely in outer appearance. The mindset nearly cost her her life, and after her breast implants were taken out, she embraced a self-love attitude, with the help of her faith to goddesses, particularly goddess Quan Yin. She believes each woman has inner beauty and energy, whom the goddesses can help to bring them out. Nowadays Radhaa Nilia has become a speaker on feminine empowerment. She has written books about getting guidance to get in touch with our spiritual sides, tapping into the goddesses’ energy to help us better ourselves.



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